The most powerful radio transmitter in Sweden


The towers you can see on the cape form the aerial for Sölvesborg Medium Wave Station


Some facts about the station:

-          The station was taken in traffic March 1985.

-          The output power from the transmitter is 600 kW. Frequency 1179 kHz (254 m).

-          Radiated power in direction west and east is 2000 kW.

-          The towers, which form the aerial, are 135 m high and have a weight of about 70 tons each.

-          The bases they stand on are 18 m in square and have a weight of 700 tons.

-          During daytime 15 million listeners can hear the station – by night 165 million.

-          Svensk Rundradio (Teracom) has constructed and operates the station.

-          Program production is effected by Radio Sweden


We can not allow vehicle traffic out on the cape – that’s why the road is blocked.

You are however welcome to walk around and look at our establishment.


If you travel in Europe or in the Baltic Sea – remember that you can listen to (for instance) news from our station. Listen to medium wave 1179 kHz (254 m).